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Supply chain

Support sustainable growth

Our supply chain professionals play a decisive role in ensuring fresh products are available every time our consumers shop in-store and online.

Supply chain teams at Nestlé work with customers and commercial teams to align and develop demand forecasts. They ensure materials are sourced on time and responsibly: Nestlé is committed to sourcing policies that respect the environment and human rights, and we expect suppliers to respect our standards. Our supply chain teams partner with manufacturing to plan and balance production and inventory levels so our network has the right supply of products. And they are responsible for safe, sustainable and timely storage and delivery of our products to customers and consumers.

We offer rewarding supply chain careers at Nestlé, in customer supply chain, demand and supply planning, procurement and logistics. Whichever you choose, you'll be making a positive difference to the lives of consumers and customers around the world. Our scale means you're able to change roles and locations, even globally.

Supply employer

We look for

People who can design, plan and execute efficient inbound and outbound product flows and storage of goods, on-time and at the right cost from the origin to the consumption, to supply our factories and meet different customer requirements.

You will be able to work cross-functionally with Operations and Commercial teams and acquire deep knowledge of Nestlé’s supply chain. Your listening skills would add value to translating business models into a value proposition for our customers.

Supply worker


Bringing the best to our consumers

Our procurement teams bring in manufacturing solutions, services and materials, and leverage market insight, innovation and best practices from suppliers. They help to deliver sustainable growth by developing responsible, sustainable, and regenerative supplies.

Career opportunities in Nestlé procurement span category management in direct and indirect materials and services, sustainability and responsible sourcing, process improvements, business partnering and supply chain operations.

With over 40 different nationalities across our three Global Hubs (Malaysia, Switzerland and Panama), we have rich diversity and we pride ourselves in ensuring equal opportunities for each individual.

You'll have the flexibility to grow your career within a specific location, category, or on a global scale: a unique opportunity to develop an international career in procurement awaits you.

Colleagues supply department

We look for

People who can think in a strategic, analytical and agile way, with an end-to-end business management mindset, and who proactively build and manage partnerships within and outside the group to create sustainable value through sourcing.

People who communicate well and manage complex relationships with stakeholders at all levels, embrace multicultural diversity and inclusion, and have the passion to work across multiple categories, geographies, and functions.

Colleagues talking

Working in supply chain allows me to play a significant role when it comes to achieving our business goals. In the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, working in supply chain, you are a vital function and an essential part of the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to planning, procuring, storing and dispatching goods to our customers.​

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