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We commit to net zero by 2050

We commit to net zero by 2050

Climate change is one of society’s greatest challenges. It is also one of the greatest risks to the future of our business. Solving it requires all of us to act with urgency.

Climate change may affect water availability and accelerate biodiversity loss, while the livelihoods of many communities could also suffer. Solutions to the climate crisis must factor in human rights and benefit everyone by creating a more equitable, low-carbon economy.

Only 5% of our total greenhouse gases (GHGs) come from our own operations. In contrast, 95% come from our supply chain, from activities like farming or shipping. That's why we're transforming our manufacturing and packaging activities and working throughout our supply chain to help achieve absolute reductions.

As a result of scaling up GHG reduction projects in our operations and supply chain, we have put peak carbon emissions behind us, reducing absolute GHG emissions by 4 million tonnes from the peak as our company continued to grow.

We will halve our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050 – even as our business continues to grow, and all our employees play a crucial role in reaching this target.


Our actions in the Nordics

Learn from our Nordic Sustainability Manager, Ulla Luhtasela, about the specific actions we are taking in the Nordics to reach our global Net Zero commitment by 2050. 

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Driving toward cleaner logistics

At the Zoégas factory in Sweden, we now have an electrical truck – powered by renewable energy. So far it has helped us reduce the CO2 emissions for our road transportation of coffee by 40%. Learn more in the video with Factory Manager, Louise Østergaard.

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Making an impact

From production of our packaging to guiding consumers on how to easily recycle our packaging. Learn more about how Louise and Vivica are making an impact in their daily work.

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